Who We Are

We are a collaborative group of professionals that enjoy sharing your moments with you, your friends and family.

We would like to help you tell your story by capturing your special events, unique moments, and even everyday happenings.  Provide unique opportunities to capture memories, just because or with intentional purpose.

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Mission Statement

Capturing your vision with a timeless imagination.

Our Story

Our professionals are located around the country, but we gather often. We each enjoy capturing our own memories and wanted to share our passion to celebrate those moments with you. We all had full time commitments, but always made sure to make time to secure our memories, and to continue endless enjoyment for ourselves and our families.

Why did we start this business?

We were all attending an air show at Cherry Point NAS and confessed our passion for savoring our memories together. What better way than with photography and videography.

NAS Values

  • We believe that our client determines the narrative of their story.
  • We respect our clients and encourage open communication to ensure that expectations and timelines are met.
  • We believe in having fun, without compromising the integrity and quality of our work
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Our Team

I have attended University of Maryland in College Park, MD. A Washington DC native, I love & respect art and emerging culture. I have a niche for thriving under pressure ensuring a well delivered performance. One day I hope to leave behind a legacy, so I work passionately. The slightest bit of inspiration could ignite my fire. I am always proud to be the professional behind the scenes, setting the bar high, capturing your vision & bringing your storybook to life.

As a father of 4, 2 girls and 2 boys, I enjoy creating and capturing organic moments between families for amazing and candid pictures. Being a veteran of 11 years, I excel when assisting decision making situations for our clients while allowing them feel confident in our pursuit to capture their visions.

I am a blessed mother of two amazing kids that are both actively serving in the military, several beautiful grandchildren and a passion to make people smile. As someone with a great sense of humor, I love nothing more than to make you smile and brighten your day!  With photography, this is exceptionally easy to do.

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